Using this WorkPay feature you can send bulk and single payments to all banks in Kenya and M-Pesa using simple steps explained below.

On the Payouts main menu click "BulkPayout" This menu item takes you to a window to create a payout recipients record to the list of recipients.
Adding recipients

  • Enter the type of user > either employee or other

  • Select the payment Method of the recipient.(Bank, M-Pesa, Paybill or Tills)

  • Enter the name of the recipient.

  • Enter the mobile in the format (254 7 xxxxxxxx) without the (+)

  • Enter the amount.


**Alternatively you can upload users in bulk from excel sheets buy clicking “Import from Excel”.
**On each recipient there is an action column with two buttons for editing or deleting the recipient.

  • On the next page you will be send an OTP to your phone/email/both depending on your system setting.

**If you did not get the OTP, Kindly go to Settings > System Settings and check your channel for receiving PIN message and change it accordingly then click Resend PIN button.

  • Upon successful verification of the OTP, next add remark to your transaction e.g “February 2020 Salary Paid on 2020-03-02”

  • Finally click “MAKE PAYOUT” and your transaction will immediately start to send money and depending on the number of recipients this can take 2 secs and 10 minutes.

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