WorkPay employee portal allows employees to request for petty cash at their convenient time.Below are the steps to follow

  • Log in to WorkPay
  • Click the "Profile Icon "at the top on the Right side
  • Select "My Employee Portal"
  • Click on "Expense" menu
  • Click "Create new"
  • Select "Expense category"
  • Enter the "Title"
  • Enter the "Amount"
  • Select the "Status"
  • Select the "Date requested" and the "Payment date"
  • Select the Payment "Method"
  • Input the "Description"
  • Click "Save"

Employee expense request on the employee portal

  • Download WorkPay Application from Play Store
  • Log in to WorkPay
  • Click on the "Expense menu"
  • Click the Plus button (+)
  • Enter"Expense title"
  • Enter"Expense category"
  • Enter "Expense sub-category"
  • Enter the "Amount"
  • Enter the "Payment date"
  • Enter the "Payments status"
  • Input the "Description"
  • Click "Apply"

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