Add Employee Personal Details

The menu can be accessed through Employees > Add Employee > Add an Employee. The page that is being displayed on clicking this menu item is a tabbed form wizard with Personal Details, Salary Details, Employment Details and Contact Details tabs.

 Personal Details

These are information that pertains employee biological data
Salary Details

This is a tab where employee is being paid by the company. In essence salary information, statutory contribution(NHIF, NSSF, PAYE), Tax exemption and Salary Processing(Payment) Options which is either (Cash, Bank Transfer, Mobile or Cheque).
In salary details there is:

  1. Employment Type: This either permanent, internship, casual or commission.

  2. Basic salary: What an employee is being paid as per the frequency of his/her payment.

  3. Off Days: Days of the week in which an employee is not suppose to report to work. It can take zero or more than one value.

  4. Daily hours: These are the number of hours that makes an employee normal day.

  5. Payment Frequency: This is the frequency at which an employee is being paid. By default, Monthly option is selected,However there is Daily, Weekly and Bi-Weekly(Paid once every two weeks).

  6. Payment Policy: This determines whether an employee is being paid based on time and attendance i.e. clock-ins and clock-outs or not. When you select “Yes”, an employee will not be paid for the day he/she doesn’t clock in to the system upon arrival.

 Employment Details

These details pertains the official information of an employee. It include but not limited to department, designation and branch in which employee is based in(Head office if no branch), entitled leaves (click on the checkbox to select or deselect) and contract details.

 Contact Details

This is a declaration of physical address, social media links and next of kin.

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