To run payroll visit go to Payroll > Run Payroll. Follow the prompts as shown on the video below.

Key Items:

  • Target Employee Payment Frequency : This field determines which category of employee payment frequency is the payroll for. As explained during  the creation of employees, there is a Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly payment frequency. This means that you can have  different payrolls for different frequencies in a month.

  • Branch : This specifies the branch at which the payroll is targeting. Since in most cases payroll is being processed by the head office, “Head office +All Branches” is selected.

  • Period end date : This is the date at which the payroll will be processed. It is paramount to pay attention to this field since it determines whether allowances, deductions and salary advance will be included in the payslips. In most cases it should be the last day of the frequency.

  • Month and Year : Is the month and year to which the payroll belongs to.

  • NSSF, NHIF and PAYE Rates : These are the rates which will be used for performing the specific statutory contributions while generating the payroll. The deductions applies to the employees whom during creation or update have started contributing statutory deductions.

  • Assign : This is the person who is assigned to do certification of the payroll. By certification, it means he/she can either accept or reject. You can leave that to any and the person who has the certification permission will be notified that there  is a payroll which has been created.


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