Click on  the menu Leaves to get to leaves page/dashboard
Leave Balances

Leave balances are the remaining days for each leave category for a given employee. To view leave balances:

  • Click on the menu ‘Leaves’

  • Select ‘Leave Balances’

  • Click on the ‘Click to View’ at the end of any employee record. This expands the record further to display detailed balance in days of the various leave categories granted to that particular employee.

 How to add a leave balance to an employee

An employee can only apply to a leave already granted to him/her in terms of a leave balance. A leave balance constitute of a leave category with a defined number of days an employee is entitled to.
To add a leave balance:

  • Click on the menu ‘Leaves’

  • Select ‘Leave Balances’

  • Click the button ‘New Leave Balance’

  • Select employee

  • Select leave category

  • Enter number of days

  • Enter days brought forward (from the previous year)

  • Enter year

You can assign leave balances in bulk

-Click bulk assign leave balances

-Select the mode ( Use excel sheet or input form)

-Click assign balances.

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