On the main menu under “Settings” click system settings. Select and save the following options according to your company operational work flow.

  • Statutory Deductions: Deduct NHIF? Deduct NSSF? Deduct PAYE?

  • Leave Acquisition: Are employees leaves in your company cumulative or Accrued?

  • Round off figures

  • Protect payslip using a password.

  •  Allow employees to view and download payslip from employees portal.

  •  OTP on Login: Use One Time Pin (OTP) to Login to your account.

  • Payment Policy:  Is your company payment policy employee or Project based

  • Set Default attendance policy.

  • Messaging: Receive notifications/Messages when needed to Certify/Approve items on the system. And set the channel to be used phone/email/both

  • Muster Roll: Indicate if you need the master roll to display initial pay i.e basic pay without considering the number of days worked by the employee. Also indicate if you would like the muster roll to display assignment/project for each employee. Allow display of departments and job titles. Also indicate if the insurance relief should be amount or percentage

  • Employee Management: When you add an employee do you want their status to active or pending by default? Setting this to pending allows you to create a workflow with a user level who can approve every employee added to your company.

  • Fingerprint Management: Allowing locking of fingerprints on the biometric devices ensures only users with necessary roles/privileges can edit/replace employees finger prints on the device.

  • Document Management: Do you want allow employees update their documents on their employees portal or not? 

  • Payout charges policy: Indicate who will be charged the sender, receiver or if they will share.

  • Employee Portal: Indicate whether you want your employees to check in/ out using employee portal. Also choose which mode employees will check in/ out it can be QR codes, facial recognition or easy mode. Also you can enable employees to share a mobile device to clock in/ out or disable them.

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