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Human Resource Management (HRM)
Human Resource Management (HRM)
Articles to help you get started on adding and managing employees on our Human Resource Module.
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Employment Types & Leave Eligibility
Onboarding Workflow
How to set a Secondary Employee
How to add company leave policy Document
How to allow Auto-running of Payroll
Setting up approval workflows
How to set a Non-Resident Employee
How to Create your Workpay Account
How to set Leave Approvers Notification
How to Replace Line Managers
How to Activate Leave for Consultants and Contractors
ESOP Policy
How to Pause a loan
How to issue a Loan Top Up
How to Record Rent
How to Record Insurance Premium
How to Generate NITA Report
How to Set Employee on Probation
How to Export Employee Data from WorkPay System
How to Generate Leave Attended Report
How to Generate Net Pay Report
How to Reset Password from Web or Mobile App
How to Generate Payroll Variance
How to Generate Withholding Report
How to Update Basic Salary and Daily Rates in Bulk
How to Update Employee Details in Bulk
How to Create Employee Trainings in WorkPay
How to Rate and Employee
How to Enter Employee Gross Salary on WorkPay
How To Run Weekly Payroll
How to Request for Loans with WorkPay Employee Portal
How employee's can Request for Salary Advances
How employee's can request for leaves
Expense Requests by Employee
How to Log in to WorkPay
Steps to Generate Payslips by Employees
How to Download WorkPay Application from Play store
How to record Paid leaves
How To Pay Employees from Payroll
Uploading Company Logo
Uploading Worked Days
How to Activate Pension and edit Pension Rate.
View and create Savings
View and Create a Branch
How to Cancel a Payroll
How to Approve Payrolls
View and Generate Wage Report
Review employee salary, View salary history
Assigning Department and Job titles to Employee
View and Attach a Document
How to Activate an Employee
How to Send Log in Credentials to Employees'
View, create and edit HR settings (Departments and Job Titles)
View and create Users and Roles
View payroll and HR Reports
Add leave balances to employees
View and attach an asset to an employee
View and Issue Salary advance
Expense claims/Petty cash
View and Issue leaves for your employees
How to Issue an Employee Loan
View, create, and edit allowances and deductions
View and download Payslips
View previous Payrolls
Running payroll on WorkPay
How to add employees to the workpay system
How to get the P9 form
Transfer Employee from one branch to another